ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press

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  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
  • ElnaPress 850 Ironing Garment Press
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Brand Leader Since 1972:

ElnaPress invented the first iron press in 1972. It has been the worldwide brand leader in press production ever since. It is Swiss production combined with Italian design and manufacturing at their finest. Thanks to the quality of the materials and the reliability of their presses, they’ve had more than 45 years of experience and success all over the world.

ElnaPress always seeks to improve the lives and well-being of people. Investments in research and development and painstaking attention at every phase of production have allowed them to register numerous patents, enhancing the efficiency and quality of their product.

Safety and Quality:

Quality control is the driving force behind the ElnaPress. All of their products are built by hand, following strict guidelines and scrupulous controls of all of the components utilized. Each press is subjected to three levels of compliance control during the construction, assembly and delivery phases. This allows them to reach high standards of safety and quality and to obtain certificates of compliance in every country in the world, including those with extremely strict regulatory controls

Thanks to its high quality and reliability, Elnapress is the only press recognized by important associations such as the Unione Italian Ciechi e Ipovedenti (Italian Union for the Blind and Visually Impaired) for its level of safety and ease of use for the visually impaired.


ElnaPresses are environmentally friendly. One iron press consumes less than any traditional iron on the market, guaranteeing 75% less energy consumption. ElnaPress is also 95% more silent than the main compact irons.


  • Integrated safety systems - The automatic safety systems guarantee protection for the user and your garments before, during, and after use.
  • Natural materials - The exclusive Elnapress Ironing Board is made with natural materials like Finnish Birch and Swedish pine.
  • Protect your delicate garments - The safety systems and natural vapor effect protect and regenerate your fabric’s fibers.
  • Easily stowable - The possibility to stow the iron press in a vertical or horizontal position allows you to make better use of space.
  • Energy saving - Guaranteed 50-75% less energy consumption than compact irons.
  • Silent - Almost perfectly silent, -95% less than traditional irons
  • Interchangeable Jeannette sleeve boards - A unique system that allows you to iron the difficult to reach places: cuffs, sleeves, collars etc
  • Vapojet - Vaporize water directly on the garment to be ironed. Vaporization combined with the pressure and heat of the plate carries out deep fiber regeneration in the fabric
  • Optimal temperature - Iron different garment materials without worrying about setting the right temperature
  • Nonstick Heating shoe - The heating plate is made in Peraluman with a tested- protection Nonstick
  • Integrated LED light - The integrated light lets you illuminate the ironing board for optimal visibility regardless of the room you’re working in

Additional Information:

  • Overall Dimensions: (H x W x D) 8.5 x 26 x 21.75 inches
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs
  • Ironing Board Dimensions: 24.75 x 10 inches
  • Small Sleeve Board Dimensions: 15.15 x 3.54 inches
  • LargeSleeve Board Dimensions: 21.85 x 4.33 inches
  • Maximum Pressing Pressure: 110-pounds
  • Wattage: 1000w

What's Included:

  • Manufacturer 1 Year Limited Warranty

Standard Included Accessories:

  • VapoJet
  • Ironing Cushion
  • Small and Large Jeannette Sleeve Boards
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual

Product Condition:

  • This product is Brand New in original factory sealed packaging.



Discover a New Way to Iron...

What is it?

ElnaPress is an iron press that takes full advantage of the power of Natural Vapor and materials like Finnish birch and Swedish pine. Thanks to its heating plate and automatic pressure, you can iron every kind of fabric and garment with extraordinary results and a minimum of effort.

How does it work?

It lets you iron all types of clothing and apparel: from pants, shirts, t-shirts to pleated skirts.

Lay the wrinkled garment onto the ironing board, lower the heating plate and let the natural vapor, pressure and heat of Elnapress work its magic. In just a few seconds, your clothing will be ironed and ready to go.

Press up to 6 layers at the same time and with a single action

The heating plate distributes the heat evenly thanks to the unique quality of its aluminum alloy material, its multiple heat diffusers and its reinforced, enameled structure.

The Natural Vapor generated by the Vapojet system provides impeccable ironing that also protects the fabric, rejuvenates fibers and exalts its colors. Your clothes will last even longer!

What are the advantages over traditional ironing?

  • The surface of the plate is 10 times greater than a normal iron
  • Iron bedsheets and table clothes in just a few seconds thanks to its elevated heat
  • Press up to 6 layers at the same time and with a single action
  • Iron sitting down, when and wherever you want
  • It’s so easy you’ll forget you ever used a traditional iron
  • Professional dry-cleaning and ironing results. your clothes will be ready for your wardrobe

ElnaPress Advantages...


What is it?

The exclusive Vapojet system is a separate section of the machine that sprays simple tap water onto the garment.

How does it work?

Tap water is poured into the Vapojet compartment, its position was designed to attract heat and its construction materials do the same. Inside the Vapojet compartment, the water is naturally heated. It does not exceed 65°/70°C (avoiding limestone buildup). It is then ready to be vaporized directly onto the garment. Once the heating plate and the natural materials of the board come into contact with the fabric, natural vapor is generated directly inside the fibers, regenerating them natural vapor is generated directly inside the fibers, regenerating them.

Why use it?

The Vapojet system guarantees impeccable results. It carries out deep fiber regeneration, giving each garment a shine and natural softness that keeps it from aging.


Ironing Board

The form was designed specifically to facilitate ironing. The eleven alternating layers of Finnish birch and Swedish pine make this ironing board one-of-a-kind. Its unique combination of features naturally recreates heating, suction and blowing. A cushioned board also simplifies the positioning and ironing of garments.

Heating Plate

Made from a special alloy in Peraluman, the plate has a thickness of 3mm and is completely non-stick. The heat is evenly distributed along the entire heating surface thanks to the 2mm diffuser inside of it. The heating plate is equipped with two exclusive enameled, reinforced and practically indestructible resistors. The Model 850 is also equipped with a non-stick coating.


Jeanette Sleeve Board

What is it?

It’s an exclusive horizontally pivoted component incorporated into the machine that is open on both sides It guarantees maximum freedom of movement. There are two versions of the sleeve board (small and large)

How does it work?

The Jeannette sleeve board can be easily operated however and whenever you want. With a simple rotation while lifting the sleeve board, the central board is lowered. This facilitates ironing of areas that are particularly difficult for traditional irons to reach. The large and small versions of the Jeannette Sleeve Board can be easily removed and attached thanks to a new interchanging system.

Why use it?

Thanks to its technical characteristics (it is constructed with a special aluminum alloy and steel) and its unique shape, the Jeannette sleeve board replaces and improves on the tip of a traditional iron.

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