Sewing Machine Needle Assortment Starter Kit

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This starter kit provides you with a variety of needles perfect for a range of a fabrics and sewing projects. With this kit on hand, you’ll never be without the needle you need!


  • Needles are put through 155 quality checks to ensure you only receive needles that perform optimally
  • The only brand of machine needles dedicated solely to the domestic household sewing machines.
  • Produced to the German GSN standard which are the highest needle production standards in the world.
  • Uses the latest integrated technology to ensure the World's highest quality machine needles.
  • Exclusively made and produced by companies dedicated solely to serving the home sewing industry.
  • Each type of needle comes in a clearly labeled case so identification is super easy!


What's Included:

  • Guide on How to Choose the Correct Sewing Machine Needles
  • 40 Total Premium Sewing Machine Needles, consisting of:
    • 5-Pack of Universal 75/11 Needles
    • 5-Pack of Universal 90/14 Needles
    • 5-Pack of Universal 100/16 Needles
    • 5-Pack of Jeans 90/14 Needles
    • 5-Pack of Quilting 90/14 Needles
    • 5-Pack of Top Stitch 90/14 Needles
    • 5-Pack of Stretch 90/14 Needles
    • 5-Pack of Leather 100/16 Needles
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