The Home Care Combo #1

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  • The Home Care Combo #1
  • Singer Prelude 8280 Utility Sewing Machine
  • Oreck LW1500RS Magnesium Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • The Home Care Combo #1
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By popular demand, we have brought together two of the most inconic names in American Home Care with an EXCLUSIVE combo package!

American founded brands, Singer and Oreck have long been at the forefont in The Home Care Industry as well as household names in America and worldwide.

The Singer Company was founded in 1851 in Boston, Massachusetts by businessman, actor and inventor, Isaac Merritt Singer.

The Oreck Corporation was founded in 1963 in New Orleans, Louisiana by pilot, sales manager and entrepreneur, David Oreck.

Both men had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a deep passion for the products they brought to American households. Singer and Oreck made it their lifes mission to embrace the industry in which they actually played a huge part in creating as well as fully understanding the market and consumers their industry would serve for generations to come. Their roles in an industry that they helped create were so monumental that both men were inducted into the industry's Hall of Fame during the mid-1990's. They not only brought groundbreaking new products to consumers everywhere, they also pioneered much of the technology that is used today by many manufacturers worldwide. Their innovations and visionary ideas changed the way homes are cared for each and every day. Their products have been and are still utilized by millions of people daily and will continue to be for many years to come. would like to thank both Mr. Singer and Mr. Oreck, two very important American Entrepreneurs, for their many contributions to the industry and market that we are extremely proud to represent.

These products have been bundled together as they provide the user with these similar and most requested features:

  • Straightforward and Easy to Use
  • Lightweight for Effortless Carrying or Transport
  • Durable Enough to Withstand Extended Operation

Full and detailed information for each of the products included in this combo can be found by simply clicking the corresponding links below.

The Home Care Combo #1 Includes:

Product Condition:

  • These products are Brand New in original factory sealed packaging with all manufacturer warranties included.
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