Embrilliance Convert It, Mac! Embroidery Software

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  • Embrilliance Convert It, Mac! Embroidery Software
  • Embrilliance Convert It, Mac! Embroidery Software
  • Embrilliance Convert It, Mac! Embroidery Software
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Convert It , Mac is your solution for embroidery design access, browsing, unzipping, conversion, and more on a Mac! If you’ve been downloading or buying embroidery designs, you’re ready for Convert It, Mac. It’s this simple; You can now view, unzip, colorize, print, thread convert and use those designs with your Mac!

Even if you're a digitzer, this is still the essential tool for you and all embroiderers: If you have designs on your Mac, then you need to be able to find them, view them, see their colors and stitch counts, design dimensions, etc. Imagine looking inside a zip file without opening it, viewing the design, it's stitch count, it's modification date, etc. and the thumbnail next to it shows the original art too! To use it, simply drag the design to your USB stick, or to a machine, or write a Designer 1 disk or USB. You're ready to sew. Maybe you want to print a template? Colorize the design? Convert it to a particular machine format? These are jobs that every embroiderer does, no matter what their skill level.


  • Browse embroidery designs, images, text files and even files in zips such as those you find on the internet!
  • View as thumbnails or table view with extended information such as file date, thread usage, stitch count and more.
  • Convert designs between different embroidery formats including most home embroidery machine types. Colorize designs in PES and VP3 with thread brands. Possibilities include ARC, Isacord, Hemingworth, RA, Madeira, Sulky and many more.
  • Includes the Embrilliance Thumbnailer for Mac which lets you see embroidery designs in Finder.
  • Auto Baste will baste the rectangular outline of a design.
  • Automatically create design notes, including a thread shopping list.
  • Estimate the thread usage for a design.
  • Create an image of a design for print, re-digitizing or the web.
  • Centers designs automatically
  • Drag and drop designs right to a USB drive
  • Remove hidden Moc OSX files and folders which prevent machines from seeing designs



  • OSX 10.5 or Above
  • 20mb Disk Space
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